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  Welcome to I'm Vilma Santos' #1 Fan Website


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Welcome to I'm Vilma Santos' #1 Fan Website!

Hello, to anyone who is viewing my website for the first time or have already visited it. As you can see, this website is obviously about Vilma Santos, the best Filipino Actress  to ever exist! From this website, you will find Vilma Santos' biography, filmography, awards, pictures and interesting facts.

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The most awarded Filipino Actress among all Filipino entertainers.

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The Filipino Star For All Seasons/ Most Outstanding Mayor

The picture gallery of Vilma Santos.






Breaking News: It was announced, somewhere on the second week of June 2006, that Ms Vilma Santos may   retire from being the Lipa mayor. However, I am not truly sure about this news because I just heard about this from another website. So please don't blame me if I'm wrong.

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