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1. First Filipino Actress to be featured in Time Magazine (Feb 13, 1978 Vol. 111 No.7)

2. Gave up her acting and movie roles given to her due to running for Lipa Mayor but has no regret.

3. Turned down the role of running for the Governor of Batangas.

4. Enjoys annual family vacation trips.

5. Ranked at #86 as one of the most powerful Filipino people in the Biznewsasia of 100 Most Powerful Filipinos issue.

6. Also known as "Most Outstanding Mayor."

7. She has the most number of awards among any Filipino Actor/Actress.

8. Believes that growing old graciously is more important than trying to look young, as you get older.

9. Doesn't regret anything in the past, even if it were mistakes along the way.

10. Thinks she's a better mother than a wife.

11. Loves both of her children equally as well as her husband.

12. Defines Princess Diana & Mother Teresa as both her role models.

13. Felt grand slam, when she won Best Actress for the move Relayson(1983).

14. Her main priorities are family, Mayor of Lipa, and showbiz.

15. Will soon have an ABS-CBN show called "Happy na ako doon", which means I'm Happy To That in tagalog.

16.Thinks she doesn't fear anything.

17. Describes herself as a liberated mom because she doesn't care about the kinds of girlfriends her sons chooses. Just as long as her sons are wise enough to make the right decisions in choosing the girls.

18. Wants a Daughter-in-law who respects her family.

19. Her favorite Actresses are Meryl Streep, Patty Duke, and Anne Bancroft.

20. The song that touches her the most is "Lift Up Your Hands", which is  sung by Basil Valdez.

21. Doesn't like traitors.

22. The most painful memory of hers was when her father died.

23. She has said that the best thing about her is being a simple person.

24. Has a huge crush on Richard Gere.

25. Believes in the afterlife.

26.Her favorite expression is "Heaven!"

27. Enjoys wrestling with her two boys.

28. Japanese food & pasta are her favorite things to eat.

29. She is a TV. freak.

30. Thinks tae-bo is a good excessive.

31. Besides staying at home or working as the Lipa Mayor, she enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, and traveling.

32. Collects perfumes and sunglasses.

33. Has social drinking once in a while with music going on in the background.

34. Dreams to put out her own business investment such as jewelry.

35. Likes to make people happy.

36. Being an Actress is what made her who she is today.

37. Reading positive articles about her is what makes her work harder.

38. Satisfied with her  5'0 feet height.

39. She doesn't have a nose job.

40. Has never complained while working long hours when shooting a movie.

41. Didn't go to college because of the height of her fame. Also, because the of Nora-Vilma.

42. Gets along with Nora Aunor well.

43. Had on-set tutoring during breaks from shooting to get a high school diploma.

44. Enjoyed her childhood and when she was in her 20's. However, she didn't enjoy her teen years due to her stardom.

45. Her past boyfriends were Bobot, Ronnie & Edu (first husband but divorced.)

46. Her uncle Amauri Agra was the one responsible for Vilma's career.

47. At age 9, she earned 700 pesos for her first movie role Trudis Lilit.

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